The flying toads - in stiches

In the anime he can also cause explosions with his sasumata, adding an even more deadly surprise to his attacks. He is also very agile as he evaded many attacks while fighting in an industrialised city. He uses his shield both defensively, to guard against attacks as well as like a flail and even for other supplementary purposes. He has great endurance and commitment as he had taken many bite wounds from Pain's dog summon but nevertheless, still continued to fight.

Upon leaving Toad Hall, guests travel through the countryside, passing Ratty's house, aggravating policemen and terrifying a farmer and his sheep. Making a right turn, guests head for the docks and get the impression that their car will plunge into the river, but quickly make a sharp turn in a different direction and enter a warehouse full of barrels and crates containing explosives. Guests crash through a brick wall as the warehouse's contents explode. They then head out into the streets of London, narrowly avoid a collision with a delivery truck, and enter Winkie's Pub, where Mr. Winkie the bartender holds two beer mugs. He ducks down, leaving the mugs spinning in the air (this gag is recycled from the 1971 Florida version of the ride).

The Flying Toads - In StichesThe Flying Toads - In StichesThe Flying Toads - In StichesThe Flying Toads - In Stiches