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« On plane donc, recueillant avec émerveillement cette musique ni obscure ni compliquée, lumineuse car détachée de tout ici-bas. »

Delight in a mouthwatering warm apple fritter with cinnamon ice cream and warm caramel sauce at The Cookie Nook Holiday Kitchen at the Festive Center, or savor the Réveillon de Nöel in France, a delicious turkey breast stuffed with mushrooms and chestnuts with sweet potato purée. You’ll be sure to find your holiday spirit at one of the 15 unique Holiday Kitchens that decorate the World Showcase this year along with even more seasonal offerings at various quick service locations throughout the park. Here’s your guide to everything available at the 2017 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays from Nov. 19-Dec. 30.

Note: During the Olympic Games, venues that have naming rights sold may not use their name during the Olympic Games.

SEPTEMBER 200 4 | OK, here's yet another POP-UP RETAIL update: as predicted, more and more companies are now jumping on the Surprise Economy bandwagon, introducing traveling or limited time-only stores to mirror a world where few things are static anymore, anyway. Check out new POP UP STORE initiatives from Meow Mix, eBay, easyJet, and even the first POP-UP RETAIL fight that broke out between Vacant and Comme des Garcons! Meanwhile, a poll on FastCompany is asking visitors to vote on what's the strongest opportunity for pop-up stores: is it buzz, increasing sales, improving the customer experience, or bolstering the brand? May suggest adding empathy: actually showing up when and where your customers need you most?

Vacant , the original traveling and temporary store opening for one month only in cities internationally, has launched the Vacant guerilla mobile retail unit, a store on the back of a Hummer H2 which will feature limited edition and exclusive products from major and emerging brands. The guerilla mobile unit features a GPS and webcam system that passes information to a specially designed website, . The mobile guerilla retail unit will be able to be viewed from the website, and launches of products and special releases will be brought to 12 cities across the United States. Da Jammies, a new hip hop cartoon launching next year from the producers of Tupac's Thugz Mansion and Billionaire Boys Club from Pharrell and Reebok will be some of the first products to be released from the Vacant guerilla mobile retail unit. According to Vacant, the guerilla mobile retail unit will first pop-up in Las Vegas for the Magic Convention August 30th through September 2nd at the Bellagio Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard.

Meow Mix
Talk about generating BUZZ: the Meow Mix Company , maker of dry cat food, just closed the doors of its Meow Mix Café, after just one week of retailing on 5th Ave in Manhattan. The 3,500-square-foot POP UP STORE served up culinary delights specially designed for cats (seven varieties of new Meow Mix Wet Food Pouches, including Cluck-a-Doodle-Doo, What's the Catch, Deep Sea Delight, Fillet Meow, Gobbliscious, Hook, Line and Sinker, and Upstream Dream), interactive games for both cats and cat-lovers, and a gift shop featuring kitty food and cat toys. The company may reopen it again at another site in New York, open similar stores in other cities or create a mobile cafe that would tour the country. Meow Mix spent about USD $200,000 on the whole project. (sources: NYT, NACS).

easyJet Beachclub
Perhaps inspired by that other airline, Song, who was early to the POP-UP RETAIL game, low cost carrier easyJet launched the easyJet BeachClub in Bloemendaal aan Zee, The Netherlands on 17 July 2004. Open for business until late September 2004, the easyJet BeachClub will be easyJet's 'temporary HQ in Holland'. can think of other (more sun-sure) locations: will easyJet pop-up in Nice or Barcelona next year? And where are RyanAir and VirginExpress?

MTV Designerama Pop Up Store tour
In collaboration with Adidas, Levi's and Sony Ericsson, MTV will tour German cities for a month with their POP-UP STORES , starting 23 September 2004. Cities to be visited are Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, and Munich, and each of them will see a one week-only, 150 m2 store carrying limited edition fashion and tech items: phones, jeans and sneakers. Hip opening parties included, of course.

Comme des Garcons now in Singapore
We told you about Comme des Garcons' first Guerrilla store in Berlin: now, new, 12 month-only stores have popped up in Barcelona and Singapore. Comme des Garcons hopes to open seven more Guerrilla stores by the end of the year in cities like Warsaw, New York, Stockholm, Ljubljana and Vilnius.

The stores aren't without controversy: aforementioned Vacant Stores recently complained that: "after Song Airlines decision to duplicate the original concept of Vacant, and open a temporary store in New York City, including copying our original tagline, 'Is it a store, Is it a gallery', now Comme des Garcons have decided to attempt to create their own version of Vacant's original concept for a one year period. We received over 300 emails from our international database now well surpassing million subscribers worldwide, asking us 'Is this a part of Vacant? Is Comme des Garcons a one year Vacant store?'".
Vacant and others -- be warned, it's a COPY CAT ECONOMY out there, and CREATIVE DESTRUCTION is now the only constant, even for something as emerging as POP-UP STORES ;-)

eBay Showhouse 2004
Former Elle Décor editor-in-chief Marian McEvoy organized the second annual eBay Showhouse in New York City this summer (or should we say 'pop-up house'), inviting eight designers to each make over a different room. Designers, given a budget of USD 100,000, had to purchase furnishings and accessories exclusively from the online auction website. All of the furnishings were resold on eBay during the time that the Showhouse was open, from June 12-19, 2004. (Sources: eBay, Interior Design.)

Target Red Hot Shop
Target Red Hot Shop , a new source for must-have products, and a virtual POP UP STORE to boot, officially launched at 9 August 2004 at . Taking inspiration from emerging trends, exotic locales and straight from the street, the Target Red Hot Shop online boutique features up to ten select, hot items each week. By offering up-to-the-minute trend items to Target customers no matter what their location, Red Hot Shop lets a Target customer in even the smallest towns find the hottest new products without having to travel to New York, Los Angeles or Miami. (Which is of course a trend in itself: thanks to online shopping, 5th Ave is finally coming to Main Street! But more on that in one of our upcoming issues.)

'Call Me Sometime’ is also my favourite song from the new David West with Teardrops album, Cherry On Willow. And it now has a fantastic video. Check it out and then buy one of the albums of the year here .

The public attitude toward squatting varies, depending on legal aspects, socioeconomic conditions, and the type of housing occupied by squatters. In particular, while squatting of municipal buildings may be treated leniently, squatting of private property often leads to strong negative reaction on the part of the public and authorities. [9] Squatting, when done in a positive and progressive manner, can be viewed as a way to reduce crime and vandalism to vacant properties, depending on the squatter's ability and willingness to conform to the surrounding socioeconomic class of the community in which they reside. Moreover, squatters can contribute to the maintenance or upgrading of sites that would otherwise be left unattended, the neglect of which would create (and has created) abandoned, dilapidated and decaying neighborhoods within certain sections of moderately to highly urbanized cities or boroughs , one such example being New York City's Lower Manhattan from roughly the 1970s to the post-9/11 era of the New Millennium . [10]

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Various - Éphémère Compilation - Volume UnVarious - Éphémère Compilation - Volume UnVarious - Éphémère Compilation - Volume UnVarious - Éphémère Compilation - Volume Un